Five Benefits of Using CBD-Infused Products

cbd oil products

Since the legalization of cannabidiol use in CBD Products, more companies are promoting its benefits including pain relief and mental disorder treatment. When the Covid-19 pandemic caused people worldwide to transition in lifestyles and daily activities, well-being became more of a priority in many households. Some of them began walking, jogging, exercising, and/or eating a well-balanced diet to help boost their immune system to maintain or enhance mental and physical health.

CBD-infused products are available in capsules, oils, ointments, edibles, topical gels/lotions, and tinctures with less than 0.3 percent cannabidiol by law. The FDA considers these products safe and legal in various states in the United States to treat stress, anxiety, muscle aches, chronic pain, sleeping disorders, and inflammation. One of the most popular product types on the market are the CBD oils for consumption and topical uses.

What is CBD? CBD is a chemical compound, known as cannabidiol extracted from the marijuana/cannabis plant and used in products for health and fitness benefits. It has no psychoactive effect on humans compared to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another compound found in the plants that affects the mind. Scientists and research studies are backing up the claims that companies are promoting as benefits of CBD-infused products. Using the cannabis plant to treat pain in people dates back to 2900 BC, based on a report from the National Institutes of Health’s Pub-Med Central.

Benefits of Cannabidiol Products

Optimize Performance in Fitness

Athletes and active adults are turning to cannabidiol products to help them sleep at night, relieve aching muscles/joints, and to relieve stress after a workout. CBD tinctures and capsules work as a supplement for wellness and the edibles, such as gummies help develop good sleeping habits. When using tinctures for the first time, start with small servings and increase the serving sizes gradually to the recommended size on the label.

Reduce Inflammation

Cannabidiol oil is a suggested product recommended for reducing inflammation of the muscles and the skin caused by acne and diseases. Research and consumer testimonials are saying the products in oils and ointments help to speed up recovery of torn tissues and muscle strains.

Treat Migraines and Headaches

Scientific research found that CBD may reduce the onset of migraines and headaches by activating receptors in the brain. When the receptors are active, the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter enables the brain to control social behavior and mood swings. Research revealed that CBD oils work to reduce depression and anxiety in both human and animal studies.

Relieve Cancer Symptoms

Research study conducted on cancer patients found that CBD Products may help to reduce vomiting and nausea, the sides of chemotherapy. Some studies showed that combining cannabidiol and THC in a spray helps to eliminate those symptoms and relieve pain associated with cancer. To receive access to this medication, a patient will need a prescription from their primary care physician.

Treat Skin Diseases and Rashes

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and requires constant care using moisturizing lotions and creams. From dry and itching skin to diseases such as psoriasis, some cannabidiol products are effective in healing and repairing skin tissues. Products are available in a salve to treat skin disorders and a cream or lotion to keep it moisturized to relieve itchy sensations.

Ways to use cannabidiol products include swallowing a capsule or supplement, oil massaging the skin, spraying under the tongue, and mixing with food or beverages. In a variety of US states, these products are available for medical and recreational uses to treat pain or to consume as edibles. Although, there are some research available on CBD and its benefits on health and wellness, researchers believe more studies are a requirement.