How Food Can Improve Your Mood – Health Cleanse


Did you know that food can improve your mood? Numerous studies indicate the close relationship between food and feel-good chemicals we use in our brain, like serotonin. If you are feeling down or not like yourself, maybe heading to the kitchen for a bite to eat can give you a jolt of happiness once again.

Reduce Stress With Chocolate and Spicy Food

Some foods provide better mood-boosting results than others. Chocolate and spicy foods are two on the list of best foods to consume to improve your mood. Whoever knew that chocolate, a food that tastes so good, that is beloved by so many, could actually benefit our health? It’s true and it may very well be time that you indulged a little more often.

Chocolate releases dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, which create the same effects as an anti-depressant medication. Dark chocolate is the best option, although milk chocolate still helps. Shortly after eating chocolate, you may notice that you are happier and feel better than you did just a few minutes ago. yes, chocolate boosts our mood that quickly. It is good to keep a piece (or two) of chocolate on hand for such occasions.

Spicy foods contain capsaicin that releases feel-good endorphins in the brain. Plus, spicy foods can help block pain receptors so you no longer feel the same intense aches and pains. Take your pick of spicy foods to fill this need. Most people enjoy eating peppers, which contain high levels of the capsaicin that boosts the mood.

You can also do a cleanse to rid toxins and impurities from the body if you do not feel like yourself. They say that you are what you eat and this certainly weighs true for most people. When you feel sad, lack energy, or otherwise do not feel like yourself, it is time to evaluate the foods that you eat. Cleansing is a great first step in this process. When you cleanse, you remove all the toxins, all the bad things, from your body. In turn, you get a fresh start to do your body good.

What Affects Stress Levels?

Many things impact our stress levels, our mood, and our overall happiness. This includes finances, children, work, and other things, like the current COVID-19 pandemic. These things can really cause us a lot of panic and worry, but there are simple strategies that can help. Eating is one of them.

If you are feeling down and out, many simple strategies may give you a boost of happiness. It is in your best interest to put together as many of these strategies as possible to ensure that you feel your very best at all times. However, eating when you are feeling sad or down maybe one of the most beneficial ways to improve your mood. Head to the kitchen for a bite of chocolate or a hint of spice and ward off those feelings of emptiness much sooner.