What is a Ketogenic Diet? Why Should You Eat This Way?

keto diet

When the word keto or ketogenic diet is mentioned, man people think that those are hard biological terms. Relax! That is not the case. The human body works amusingly; you are products of what you consume. That is what diet is a significant factor that you should check on when you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Dieting is one of the best methods to ensure that your body stays healthy and rejuvenated, but what is the right diet? Will, what you are eating today lead to a healthy lifestyle?
What is a ketogenic diet?
A keto diet is a high protein, fat and low carbohydrate diet. This kind of diet focuses on giving the body more proteins and unsaturated fats and fewer carbohydrates. As known, carbohydrates are the energy source in the body, and another term is referred to as bodybuilders. It means that they deposit a lot of starch in the body. The keto diets minimize the intake of carbohydrates to only those that are low in carbs. When this happens, the body gets into ketosis, where it consumes most of the fats in the body and burns them to provide energy for the body.
What foods does a keto diet contain?
1. Seafood
Seafood is a good source of vitamins, fatty acids and potassium. However, people should concentrate on eating seafood that is considered carb-free when practicing the keto diet. The salmon and shellfish are an excellent example of carb-free seafood.
2. Portions of meat and poultry
Most people take carbohydrates such as rice as a staple food. When doing the keto diet, meat and poultry serve as the staple food as they are a good source of protein.
3. Low carbohydrate vegetables
Keto diet focuses on carb-free vegetables or vegetables with meager amounts of carbohydrates. Some carb-free vegetables include; eggplants, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kales and asparagus.
4. Cheese
Most of the varieties of cheese are low in carbohydrate but very high sources of fats. Taking cheese in the keto diet also helps a person maintain their muscle. Some of the varieties to take are; cottage cheese, goat cheese, cheddar, blue cheese and mozzarella.
5. Healthy Oils
Coconut and olive oil are the most recommended oils to use when doing a keto diet. They increase the ketone levels making the body burn the excess fats.
6. Carb free fruits
Fruits such as avocadoes, olives and berries provide beneficial vitamins to the body as it also helps burn off the extra fats.
7. Low carb drinks
Water is an essential drink in the diet of a human being. However, you can’t keep drinking water throughout. When on the keto diet, unsweetened tea and coffee are healthy drinks. If you have to use a sweetener then it should be natural honey which is a good source of antioxidants. They increase the rate of metabolism in the body.
The benefits of a keto diet
• It helps in the weight loss journey
• It is suitable for the skin by reducing acne
• It helps in the control of diabetes
• It helps in the control of epilepsy and seizures
• It helps in proper brain functioning
• It helps in the inflammation in the body
• It helps control your appetite to the right portions of food.
Bottom line
There is so much more than keto does that has not been mentioned in this article. If you have been struggling to lose a few kilograms, keto will be the ideal plan for you. Together with exercises, the dieting plan will work miracles and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every person’s dream is to live a healthy lifestyle with an ideal weight that suits their body mass index. Why not try the keto diet?